Three Steps to Set up Your Perfect Freelancer Profile

As a freelancer, your success depends on being able to land jobs. It’s you being able to attract your potential client and get them to view you as the skillful worker they’re looking for, and the reliable person they can entrust with carrying out their business-related tasks. In other words, it’s you being able to introduce yourself in a way that gets your potential client to view you as the one they’re looking for. In this post, we’ll delve into how to set up your freelancer profile in a way that highlights you as an expert in your career niche, and increases your chances of landing jobs. And we’re going to take Upwork freelancer profile as an example.

Why Upwork?

If you browse through Upwork top rated freelancers, you’ll see how their profiles are robustly built. Actually, the great thing about Upwork is their profile building process that anyone can leverage to develop a strong freelancer profile regardless of their level of experience.

It’s a proven 3-step process

From the moment you sign up on Upwork, you’ll be guided through the profile building process that comprises three aspects: Skill, experience, and reliability.

Step #1: Highlight yourself as a savvy pro

The screenshot below depicts a typical freelancer page on Upwork.


The right pane of the page is where you set your availability and visibility, with pen-like signs to edit your status.

The middle pane comprises a search field at the top where you can search for jobs in your niche. Beneath the search field are your search results; all the jobs that clients post on Upwork, with the most recent jobs featured first. In the above screenshot, you can see two jobs posted. Every job post includes the skill set required for this job, represented by the encircled area at the bottom. And in order for you to be able to apply for a specific job, you want to include its skill set in your profile, as you will see shortly.

Clicking the left pane‘s pen-like sign at the bottom left corner opens up the below-depicted page where you can add up to 10 skills to your profile.


As you can see, Upwork comprises 12 service categories with a number of subcategories under each one. Take the time to browse and include all the services that you can provide. Now, your skills are still self-set up to this point. And you want to take the following step in order to be viewed as someone who does have the required knowledge to provide the services listed in your profile.

Step #2: Highlight yourself as a qualified pro

In order for potential clients to view you as an authority in your niche, Upwork offers multiple ways to get you accredited.

If you’re a certified professional and/or having previous working experience, Upwork provides a space in your freelancer profile to upload your certifications and/or experience.

If you’re a newbie and/or you don’t hold a certification, Upwork has its own accreditation tool for you. Take a look at “Find Work” dropdown menu depicted in the first screenshot. Clicking “Tests” opens up the page depicted below.


Upwork provides a comprehensive set of 303 tests covering all freelance niches. Clicking “All Categories” opens the above-depicted dropdown menu where you can pick the test category that is related to your career. As you pass your skill tests and have their results published on your profile, your qualifications will be evidence-based.

Step #3: Highlight yourself as a reliable pro

In addition to skills and qualifications, reliability is an essential personality trait every client is looking for. What your potential client wants is a person they can trust; someone who is able to understand their vision, and deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. And your profile overview is where you highlight yourself as a reliable freelancer.

Your Upwork profile overview is a space dedicated for you to talk about yourself and describe your capabilities. Back again to the first screenshot, “Find Work” dropdown menu, “Profile” tab opens up your profile that comprises your name, profile photo, job title, and profile overview. Clicking the pen-like sign beside your overview opens up the page depicted below.


As you can see above, Upwork provides general guidance on how to write a professional profile overview. Clicking “Learn More” opens up Upwork help center. There, you’ll get further detailed information on how to build your overview in a way that gets your potential client to view you as the skillful pro that they can count on.

Now, let’s recap

Your freelancer profile is the first impression you give to your potential client. As a freelancer on Upwork, you have a great chance to leverage Upwork profile building tools as a platform to set off your successful career.

Showcase your skills: Take the time to explore Upwork service categories and make sure to check all services you can offer.

Showcase your qualifications:

  • Include your certification and/or previous working experience. If you’re a newbie or you don’t hold a certification, next bullet shows you a powerful alternative.
  • Take skill tests that Upwork provides for your niche, and include test(s) results in your profile.

Showcase trustworthiness: Tap into the guidance that Upwork provides on how to build your profile overview in a way that allows you to come across as a reliable pro that’s easy to communicate with.

Now, let us know what you think. Share your questions, experience, and/or insights with us in the comments section below to inspire other freelancers like you.

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