Upwork Skill Tests: How to Create and Improve Your Evidence-Based Professional Background

As a freelancer, in order to be able to land jobs, you want your prospects to view you as a skillful trustworthy professional. The simple fact is that clients prefer to hire freelancers with previous work experience. But what if you’re just starting out? How can you prove yourself as a professional in your field? The answer is, tap into Upwork Skill Tests. In this post, we’ll delve into how you can find, take, and pass Upwork Skill Tests that match your skills. Also, you’ll see how you can leverage these tests even further, and eventually become the knowledgeable pro you aspire to be. Let’s first see how you can identify which tests to take.

Laser-target Upwork Skill Tests that match your skills

On your Upwork freelancer page, depicted below, click the “Find Work” dropdown menu at the top, then click “Tests”.


Having clicked “Tests”, the below depicted “Skill Tests” page opens up. Now you have access to all Upwork Skill Tests.


In addition to the “Upwork” category under which “Upwork Readiness Test” falls, there are 32 categories comprising 302 tests that cover all freelance niches. As you want to find the skill test(s) that fit your niche, you can proceed through your search using one or more of the following three approaches,

Pick your category: Click “All Categories” dropdown menu, pick a category, and choose the skill test that matches your skill.

Search for a keyword: If you’re not quite sure about which category your niche falls under, you can type a keyword. For example, if you’re interested in working with colors and designing, type “design” as a keyword and hit “Search”. What will pop up are tests classified under different categories such as Graphic Designing, Web Designing, etc. where you can find your fit.

Pick a category and type in a keyword: This is the pinpoint search. Using the same “design” keyword example, if you also pick the “Web Designing” category, what will pop up are three tests covering web design, web graphic design, and UX design. In the same way, you can use this pinpoint search and locate your fit.

Having done your search and spotted the test(s) you will take, now you want to pass them successfully. In order for this to happen, you want to pay attention to the following point.

What are Upwork Skill Tests really meant to measure?

As a freelancer aspiring to join the ever changing work world of today, you want to have your knowledge and skills ever expanding as well. This is the core aspect of Upwork Skill Tests; to measure your capability of getting information and acquiring knowledge, hence growing your skills constantly as you pursue working.

How to take Upwork Skill Tests?

Having already picked the test you want to take, now, start the test while keeping your search engine open in a separate window. Also, have your favorite note taking tool ready nearby; be it a word processor, a mobile app, or pen and paper. As you proceed through answering test questions, maybe you’ll come across a question you don’t know what its right answer is. This question represents an aspect of your career niche you don’t have enough knowledge about. So, here is what you’ll do:

Search the internet for the right answer. Sometimes you will want to find some information that can help you make sure of the answer to a certain question. However, you cannot count on that as an approach to taking Upwork Skill Tests. That’s because despite it seems easy, not anyone can search the internet for the right answer during the quite limited time allowed for answering each question; only a knowledgeable pro can.

Take a note of any question you don’t know its answer. This will help you identify any aspect of your career niche that you’re not really clued up on. And then, you can explore that aspect and work on improving your knowledge.

What if you fail to pass an Upwork Skill Test?

Upwork will always give you the chance to retake any test after 90 days. Despite seeming a long time, it’s an adequate time period for you to achieve real progress in your skills and knowledge as a professional. Now you can tap into the notes you will have written down during test taking. Consider the topics in the notes, search for information, read, learn, and practice. This informative approach is what will put you on the fast track to sustainable career success.

Want to get accredited through taking tests? Then keep them credible

In order for Upwork Skill Tests to fulfill their mission, which is accrediting skillful freelancers, Upwork has set the following rules for you to abide by as you take the tests:

  • Take the test as an individual: The skill test is meant to measure your skills. So, you may not collaborate with others on answering test questions.
  • You MAY NOT take screenshots of test questions. This approach is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  • You MAY NOT disclose or reproduce any part of Upwork Skill Tests.

Wrapping up,

Before taking Upwork Skill Tests, first you want to understand what these tests are all about. They’re not just about having bright-looking results to be shown on your profile. The core principle behind Upwork Skill Tests is to light the way ahead of you; to give you the chance to explore your niche, come across areas you might not be well-versed in, work on improving your knowledge in these areas, and eventually become the resourceful professional that your prospects are looking for. So, pay utmost attention to how you take Upwork Skill Tests.

Prepare to take notes of questions that you may not know what their right answers are.

Keep your search engine open to search the internet if you need to make sure whether or not your answer to a specific question is right.

And remember, the time given to answer each question is quite limited. So, in order for you to be able to search and find an answer, you must be already knowledgeable in your field.

If you fail to pass a test, invest in the time to improve your knowledge. Read, learn, practice, and then go retake the test. This is the core value behind Upwork Skill Tests; to qualify you as the knowledgeable well-versed professional you’re aspiring to be.

Now, it’s your turn. Share with us what you have in mind, whether it be a previous experience or a question related to taking Upwork Skill Tests. Leave your comment below and let’s know what you think.

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