Hi! And welcome to Launch Your Dream Career.

My name is Doaa Rushdan. I’m a devout Egyptian stay-at-home housewife and mom of two lovely kids. Muslim, as my dressing style reveals. My family is the most precious thing in my life.

Academically, in 2001, I graduated at the Nuclear Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in Egypt. Skill-wise, I’m a polyglot; Native Arabic speaker, near-native English, basic-level Japanese.

By the time my second child was born, I felt the sheer need to actualize myself and establish a career that I can pursue hustle-free. So, I decided to completely abandon my original career niche that should have been nuclear engineering, and instead, listen to my heart and follow my passions, and see where they would take me.

Exploring my passions, I love reading fiction, playing the lute, aerobics and Zumba, and what I want to do is help people figure out how to live happily. Since I hadn’t known how to help people with my passions, I decided to pursue the only viable career niche I saw available ahead of me; translation. And I set off my career on Upwork as a freelance translator.

Honestly, I’m not cut out for translation, but at that time I hadn’t known anything else a polyglot can do. As I started working and growing my client base, I had clients ask me do other work such as audio/video transcription, review writing, SEO-friendly writing, and blog post writing which came as a huge breakthrough to me and my proven way to work my passion.

The real magic about blogging is how it provides perfect media for sharing ideas. The blog itself is a perpetually vibrant and inspiring pool of ideas that everyone can contribute to, regardless of age, culture, education, or social class.

You don’t have to be a seasoned CEO with 25-year combined business experience in order to have inspiring ideas. No matter how big your experience is, maybe you have an idea that others could benefit from.

Lifestyle changes, but ideas never go outdated. See how the vast majority of adages and proverbs still apply and inspire people nowadays.

We live in a perpetually evolving world where ideas are perpetually evolving as well.

Launch Your Dream Career blog has come as my approach to sharing ideas with people. I work on building it step by step as a source of ideas, tips, and lifestyle tweaks that everyone can embrace through their journey to establishing their career and making their own version of success. It’s also the medium through which I want to communicate with people and get inspired by the ideas they will share so that I can further improve my career and overall life.